Do you have a business? Then you need to have a blog. Your personality can be your company’s greatest asset. Customers love a business with personality and a blog is a great way to showcase what you and your brand have to offer.

With a blog, not only can you create a personal relationship with customers, but it can also enhance your website’s SEO. This means that blog posts have the power to get your ideal customers to your website. To keep them coming back, you’ll need to develop shareable content on a consistent basis. That takes dedication, time and planning. Someone like myself has the finesse to make it happen.

Need a freelancer to help you build Brand Love with a blog? Take a peak at my services.

Maximize Brand Love with Social Media…

Ask me how.

Published by Lacey Burbage

As an RN turned digital media producer, I have always had a love for healthy living. I juggle my time between blogging, social media managing, photography, and caring for my baby boy. I am a passionate “real food” foodie, so I love exploring both nature and local farmer’s markets, always with my camera in hand. I also love to make things, I get crafty, cook, and garden. A constant DIYer, I prefer to make my own products for home and beauty as well. Keeping busy is a must in my life even before my son was born. I am a cosmetologist, a yoga instructor, a placenta encapsulationist, an herbologist, and a wellness coach... just to name a few of my certifications. I am also very spiritual and can often be found collecting rocks that "speak" to me.

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